IATA 753/754 Optical Bar Code scanning

Multi-function optical barcode scanning to provide both IATA compliance and higher/faster read rates in a retrofit package

Human Intruder Detection (HIDS)

Monitoring the baggage system at the airside/landside boundary to prevent unauthorised or accidental intrusion thus creating a secure airside zone.


A real time view of the stand, the equipment, status and availability, provided to operators in controls rooms or over mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Stand optimisation based on real time data.

Smart Queue

Allow resource allocation to react to the ebb and flow of passenger throughput in real time, thus providing a quicker throughput and better airport experience for passengers

Asset Tracking

Developed as part of our Stand SCADA solution this increases airport capability by knowing the location and state of the assets this allows planning for better utilisation, maintenance during downtime and planning for non-availability.

Smart Monitoring in Real Time (SMIRT)

Allowing capture and analysis of any real time information to quickly inform engineers of the system operations thus allowing quick agile system changes to be made to afford change

Bag Drop

Providing a flexible retrofit bag drop solution that allows desks to be used as bag drops or manned and remote check in from the desk to speed up the bag drop process


Realising the full potential of an airport takes years of experience, to understand and leverage the infrastructure to its full potential without impacting other areas Saconsys has that experience.

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