Smart Queue

Allow resource allocation to react to the ebb and flow of passenger throughput in real time, thus providing a quicker throughput and better airport experience for passengers

Key to the airport experience, as evidenced in many studies and surveys, is the time taken to get from the airport door to aircraft. Having to wait is frustrating and when this happens several times, at check in, at security, at immigration, the frustration increases for the passenger and airport productivity decreases. So management of potential queues and bottlenecks are key for any airport to ensure smooth running and a better passenger experience.

Whilst traditional queue management systems can provide data about queuing in one location and thus rely on human interaction to plan how this can be minimised the Saconsys solution provides an integrated airport solution looking at the passenger journey throughout, for example

  • A higher than expected number of passengers are counted entering the airport
  • From that location we know it is 4 minutes to check in – an analysis of the current queue at check in is compared to this surge and recommendations presented to alleviate
  • As the passengers are processed at check in they are “counted out of the area” providing early indication of potential loading at security and immigration. This can be used to provide early warning of the need to for extra screening.
  • Where aircraft data is available the early warning can provide details of passenger profile i.e. many short haul/low cost will mean increased carryon luggage so longer screening times, many international flights may cause a longer processing time at immigration. All of these can be factored into the planning recommendations
  • Monitors can be strategically placed at key bottle necks giving passengers notification of the time to process, this has been shown to provide passengers with confidence that the process is working even when that time is longer than is optimal
  • The flight schedule can also be used to provide planning of resources required so shift patterns can be organised and ensuring that staff are on hand as required. Seasonal variations and flight schedules can be factored into the planning

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