IATA 753/754 Optical Bar Code scanning

Multi-function optical barcode scanning to provide both IATA compliance and higher/faster read rates in a retrofit package

Baggage is one of the key customer satisfaction elements for airports and airlines. Failing to deliver the passengers’ baggage will result in the memories of the airport experience, inflight product and good service in the air being forgotten very quickly.

The costs associated with repatriating the bag with the passenger will also quickly eat into the margins for the journey, and at the same time the additional work needed by your staff to deal with the customer, the bag and the other airlines / airports involved will use up the time of valuable resources.

Baggage tracking is a key way that our industry can continue to drive down costs and improve service at a fundamental level. It is also central to having a capability where airlines can obtain the information needed for passengers when their bags are mishandled regardless of which carriers were involved in the carriage of the bag.

IATA 753 is a mandatory resolution that demands tracking at key locations and IATA 754 aims to reduce claims for damage to bags. The key to all this is being able to positively identify the bag, a relatively simply process using traditional barcode scanners when a bag tag is new and placed on the a bag, a process made more complex the longer the bag is in transit and handled i.e. transfer bags tend to have much lower read rates due to mainly due to damaged or contaminated labels. And any bag that cannot be identified results in time and effort to rectify which also adds to a bags in system time and therefore a higher chance of it missing its flight.

Using optical technology the Saconsys solution can find and identify a bag with a higher read rate and accuracy, it can also capture images of the bag to satisfy IAT 754, all in one solution that can be retrofitted as required. The system can be installed stand alone to communicate data to higher level systems through standard industry interfaces and/or it can be integrated with the baggage system. As with our Self Bag Drop Solution we can offer several baggage system interface solutions which match the leading baggage system architectures’. Through AAC we can provide a full integration service.

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