Realising the full potential of an airport takes years of experience, to understand and leverage the infrastructure to its full potential without impacting other areas. Saconsys has that experience.

We have all looked at a single aspect of the airports operation and realised a way to change it in order to optimise the process, increase the throughput or improve the experience, or, in some cases, all three.

The risk is that a change in one place, however logical, can have a knock on effect to another area, in some cases moving a bottle neck and making it worse.

Saconsys looks at an airport as a holistic entity where the individual elements need to co-exist, so when looking at bottlenecks, areas of improvement or enhancements proposed we look at 4 elements

  1. Design – does the solution presented actually alleviate or simply disguise or move it elsewhere i.e. if the bottleneck is at check in then you could simply add more check ins. However this means more staff and equipment, and you will eventually run out of space for new desks – better to look at root cause and how it can be remedied then sticking plaster solutions.
  2. Operational procedures – over time people become used to carrying out their activities in a certain way. By questioning why we often find the answer is “that’s how we do it”. Being able to find these learnt actions and provide alternatives that can speed up the process – through just reworking the process, technology or a combination – savings can be made in time and staff costs
  3. Knock on effects – how will a change carried out on the system under study affect other areas is key to ensuring you are not simply moving the problem from one place to another, and, in some cases making it worse. We look at the solution with a view to both the upstream and downstream areas to ensure that we smooth out any knock on
  4. Passenger experience – whilst the changes proposed may, on paper, appear to optimise the passenger journey it may be that this is not always the case. One airport introduced shoe removal early on in the screening process which was meant to reduce delays at screening however all this did was end up with people with cold feet standing thus ruining any small advantage of removing the shoes. We look at any improvements proposed from all angles to ensure it works for everyone across the board.
    Taking this holistic view we can not only optimise the processes and areas under examination but also look to leverage these changes up and down stream to fully realise the benefits.

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