Asset tracking

Developed as part of our Stand SCADA solution this increases airport capability by knowing the location and state of the assets this allows planning for better utilisation, maintenance during downtime and planning for non-availability.

Knowing the position, state and availability of your assets on the airfield is key to ensuring that they can be used efficiently when they are required, planning their use also allows maintenance to be scheduled and ensures you have the right staff in place to operate the assets as required.

Using GPS tracking, radio telemetry and central monitoring and consolidation of information all of the key asset data can be provided in a single dashboard, this can be overlaid with asset planning to ensure that there are no areas where there is a requirement that is not covered. Asset data such as speed of travel combined with geospatial data about the airport allow a calculation of travel times which can be used to ensure the asset is despatched in time to meet their requirements.

Coupled with our Stand SCADA solution we can create a holistic view of stand operations including time to stand for assets to ensure there is optimum use of the limited aircraft envelope.

The data presentation uses 100% web technology to ensure optimal presentation of the visualization pages in all browsers, on all devices and with every operating system. Integrated security means data can be made available, under control, to any party that is required to interact, control, or monitor the assets

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