Bag Drop

Providing a flexible retrofit bag drop solution that allows desks to be used as bag drops or manned and remote check in from the desk to speed up the bag drop process

One of the challenges airports facing airports is how to increase throughput given often limited options to expand the facilities and increasing demands on the space that is available in the terminal building.

A key innovation that helps reduce queues at check in and allow passengers to be processed quickly is the self-service bag drop which are becoming more common place at airports and used more by airlines even to allowing home printing of bag tags

A self-bag drop, traditionally, means a large investment and time to install/bring into service. The Saconsys bag drop can be retrofitted to existing check in desks allowing either manual operation or bag drop as the business process demands. Coupled with remote check in kiosks the bags can be prepared remotely so the bag drop becomes just that – a place to verify the bag and drop it off.

Traditional Solution The Saconsys Solution
Check in desk taken out of service, bag drop installed and commissioned Solution is retrofitted to the existing desk
New drop can only be used as a bag drop Desk can still be used by staff or as a bag drop
Single point of process for the bag Passengers can prepare the bag at a remote Kiosk so time at the bag drop is minimised or the bag drop can be full service
Typically a custom interface to the baggage system for dispatching the bag Several interface solutions which match the leading baggage system architectures’ is available. Through AAC we can provide a full integration service
Maintenance is tied to the supplier, SSBD can be out of service waiting for parts or an engineer to attend Saconsys can train airport personnel on part replacement so the system can be returned to service quickly in the event of failure, parts can be kept by maintenance staff
Large upfront cost Saconsys can offer many options to enable SSBD implementation, from phased payments to lease options.
Most systems are not IATA 754 ready The Saconsys solution not only uses optical scanners to get a higher read rate than traditional bar code scanners these can also capture an image of the bag in order to protect from baggage claims later on.


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