A real time view of the stand, the equipment, status and availability, provided to operators in controls rooms or over mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Stand optimisation based on real time data.

Aircraft stands are often the most active and congested areas at an airport. Their design and configuration are critical to the safety and efficiency of aircraft servicing, fuelling, ground service equipment staging and storage and personnel activities, as well as passenger movements and cargo. Delays at the stand will, inevitably, result in delays to the aircraft turnaround which will have a knock on effect for both the airline and also the airport operation.

Monitoring and reporting on the stands is key to ensuring a smooth operation, Saconsys has leveraged its many years of experience of SCADA systems and interfacing with divergent systems to provide airports with a single common view of the stands and surrounding infrastructure.

Our SCADA soultion’s messaging interface is fully AIDX compatible for ease of integration with the clients AODB and other airport systems


Stand SCADA provides:

  • A common view of the stand and all the equipment status and availability
  • The view can be provided to operators in controls rooms or over mobile devices such as phones and tablets
  • Reporting showing utilisation of the equipment so maintenance can be optimised based on usage and billing can be produced from real data
  • Stand plans show clearly when a stand is in used and the services required – this can be updated in real time to reflect approach and on block, the updates can be shared with the service providers so they can react accordingly
  • Using 100% web technology and situational awareness design ensure optimal presentation of the visualization pages in all browsers, on all devices and with every operating system. Integrated security means data can be made available, under control, to any party that is required to interact, control, or monitor the stands

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