Human Intruder Detection (HIDS)

Monitoring the baggage system at the airside/landside boundary to prevent unauthorised or accidental intrusion thus creating a secure airside zone.

The landside/airside boundary is meant to be a barrier that prevents unauthorised people being where they shouldn’t however due to the way an airport operates there must be holes in that boundary to allow or people or bags to travel back and forth. Whilst personnel access can be easily monitored/controlled the challenge with baggage handling is identifying human intrusion whilst allowing bag movement without false alarming.
Using an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based belt monitoring system is a new way to tackle the problem of human (and child) intrusion through the baggage system.
With machine learning algorithms at the heart of the solution, and using multiple technologies, the system has been taught the difference between bags and humans and over time the system continues to learn the difference between what is a bag and what is a human, getting more and more accurate.

This means that it is not affected by any of the problems associated with just thermal based systems such as hot bags causing false alarms and needing regular recalibration or light curtain based systems which won’t detect a human attached to a bag or underneath a bag. The system can also be applied to detect other anomalies within the baggage system such as bags left lying around, multiple bags in a single tray or bags falling off trays from tilt tray sorters.
The system is easily deployed to cover the baggage system using off the shelf components and architecture. As with other Saconsys solutions we believe that in order to maintain uptime and control costs we teach and support the airport to maintain the equipment – this means no costly maintenance contracts or waiting for engineers to attend site.

The system is also scalable meaning that you can add as you go along rather than having to make a large investment on day one.

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